Welcome to my New Online Shop

My small business, like many others, have found the past couple of years a huge challenge.  Adapting to change has been key to surviving and I just love seeing the many ways in which creative people have adapted their skills and talents to meet these difficult times.  As we have increasingly moved to online shopping makers have had to pay more attention to their IT skills than ever before and find new ways to market their work.  I have watched how wonderfully some have done this in such creative ways and admire their perseverance.  I am slow to the party!!  However I have been doing some work behind the scenes helped by my lovely nephew Jamie and am hoping now to promote this new online shop over the coming months.  I do hope you will visit from time to time and see how things evolve.  It may take a while to get everything in the right place and working properly but as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” !!!

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